Project Description

About Ocean Governance

Discovering the full potential of law & policy to foster a coherent, inclusive and transparent sustainable blue economy.

Healthy lives and livelihoods are dependent upon a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment, including the marine environment. This is particularly the case in vulnerable communities whose livelihoods and cultures are dependent on ocean ecosystems.

The inter-dependencies of the environment & human rights from a legal perspective offer an original lens through which to connect across legal sectors still operating in isolation (on ocean/land/freshwater/waste management, trade, investment, innovation & intellectual property, development and scientific cooperation).

This aims to understand the full potential of law to tackle systemic issues of policy coherence, transparency and inclusive decision-making, and access to justice. We will critically analyse different types of norms at different scales: international, regional, trans-national, national and local law. We seek to explore how connecting norms across scales may support integrated and inclusive science, policy and management approaches.

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