Project Description

About Ocean Culture

Exploring the role of cultural heritage and creative response to surface multiple and competing conceptions of the ocean, management approaches and possible futures.

Cultural heritage and creative responses can bring together experts and stakeholders from all backgrounds in ocean research. Artistic methods offer new opportunities to help surface the multiple, and often hidden, values and conceptions of the ocean, often marginalised from traditional approaches.

Research in ocean art, culture and heritage aims to surface and provide an outlet for the views of those groups that are generally under-represented in more traditional approaches to ocean science and management. This research programme will provide sources of customary law for analysis under the legal programme (Ocean Governance) and insights into traditional knowledge and livelihoods to inform all research themes.

This programme is supported by a “Deep Emotional Engagement (DEEP) Fund” to commission artistic responses that capture evolving challenges to ocean management, the ocean’s multiple contributions to human wellbeing, and Hub findings.

DEEP Fund logo One Ocean HubDEEP Fund

To foster the themes of our research, the Hub has initiated the ‘Deep Emotional Engagement Programme (DEEP) Fund’ to commission artistic responses that capture connections with the ocean. The DEEP Fund will support creative projects that communicate individual and/or communal emotional bonds with the sea to a wide audience including policy makers and research institutions, as well as beneficiary communities in our partner countries.

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