To foster the themes of our research, the Hub has initiated the ‘Deep Emotional Engagement Programme (DEEP) Fund’ to commission artistic responses that capture connections with the ocean.

Photo: Keiskamma Trust

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The Deep Emotional Engagement Programme (DEEP) supports community based art projects in the One Ocean Hub partner countries that explore emotional attachments to the sea. A vehicle to elevate marginalised voices in global debates about ocean governance, the DEEP Fund gives rise to the views of groups that are often underrepresented in conventional approaches to marine science and management. The DEEP Fund directly benefits individuals, groups and organisations with the aim of boosting livelihoods and encouraging artistic autonomy. 

The format of DEEP Fund projects is entirely open, including, but not limited to: visual art, performing art, music, sound art, filmmaking, animation, digital art, fashion, photography, literature, poetry, spoken word, craft, indigenous knowledge and customary practices. Projects are co-produced and bring together diverse collaborators such as artists, researchers, knowledge holders and civil society. With a focus on empowering women and youth, projects are inclusive spaces that promote equity, cooperation and resilience.

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Dr Lisa McDonald is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with One Ocean Hub, based at the School of Simulation and Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art.

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How can art, in all its forms, communicate inherent bonds with the sea that are often overlooked in conventional approaches to marine science and governance?

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Despite the challenges Covid19 continues to pose around the globe, the Hub is thrilled to share the impressive progress being made by our DEEP Fund projects in South Africa, Ghana and the South Pacific. As communities come together to share their relationships with the ocean, manifold conceptions and values of the sea are being translated […]