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A central component of the Hub’s research focuses on emotional connections to the ocean.

Cultural heritage and creative practices offer opportunities to share multiple conceptions and values of the ocean. Art, in all its forms, provides an outlet for the views of groups that are often under-represented in conventional approaches to ocean science and management.

To foster the themes of our research, the Hub has initiated the ‘Deep Emotional Engagement Programme (DEEP) Fund’ to commission artistic responses that capture connections with the ocean. The DEEP Fund will support creative projects that communicate individual and/or communal emotional bonds with the sea to a wide audience including policy makers and research institutions, as well as beneficiary communities in our partner countries.

Call for Proposals 2020

The DEEP Fund Selection Committee is currently reviewing applications and successful projects will be announced shortly.


For further information please contact:

Dr Lisa McDonald
School of Simulation and Visualisation
Glasgow School of Art