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One Ocean Hub

This vast, mysterious body breathes life into our planet: it provides over half the oxygen we breathe, absorbs our carbon dioxide, provides us with food, and supports livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

The ocean’s interconnected systems and lifeforms recognise no geographical border, or governance boundaries that we seek to manage it within. Its systems do not conform to the sectors of ocean use through which we exploit its resources.

Awareness and recognition of the urgent threats to ocean health are growing, and global responses are mobilising. Yet our responses are disconnected:

  • disconnected across sectors of ocean use

  • disconnected across scales of governance – from local to international levels
  • disconnected from those communities most reliant upon the ocean, and most disproportionately affected by our failure to protect it.

A new approach to ocean governance is urgently needed: an approach that mirrors the connectivity of the ocean and with the capacity to benefit from all the voices of those whose livelihoods and cultures are interwoven with a healthy ocean.

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