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Fair and inclusive decision-making for a healthy ocean whereby people and planet flourish.

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In the sixth episode of the One Ocean Hub podcast, Hub researcher Alana Malinde Lancaster (University of West Indies, Barbados) and Hub early-career researcher Lysa Wini (University of Strathclyde, UK) discuss how the colonial pasts shape present issues in ocean governance in an island context. From the viewpoint of Solomon Islands where Lysa comes from and where her research focus is; and the Caribbean, where Alana lives and centres her work around, the speakers reflect on policies that govern Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the impact of the colonial past on present-day people and policies. Alana and Lysa dwell on the challenges that the lack of access to ocean-related decision-making fora pose for SIDS and discuss the Indigenous ways of knowing and (post)colonial knowledge extraction. The episode is hosted by the Hub’s Knowledge Exchange Associate Milica Prokic


One Ocean Learn is an online platform which aims to support global capacity building by translating ocean knowledge into action-oriented learning for activists, communities, development practitioners, policymakers and researchers on the ways in which global, national and local communities depend on and relate to the ocean, coastal areas and marine life.

Launched in June 2022 at the UN Ocean Summit, One Ocean Learn is a joint undertaking between the One Ocean Hub and the Green Development and Climate Change Programme Unit of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

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ocean & women – this short film presents the story of a Ghanaian fish worker, Peace Gavour Abla, and discusses the challenges faced by Ghanaian women living in coastal communities

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The ocean covers over 70% of our planet. It connects communities, countries and cultures in space and time.

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In Ghana the Hub examines the relationships and trade-offs between the various fisheries sub-sectors and the role of heritage and ecotourism in building sustainable livelihoods.
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Hub’s research in the Pacific Islands of Fiji and Solomon Islands offers significant value for reflection and comparison with other similar regions in terms of ocean governance.
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The overarching goal of the Hub’s research in South Africa is to support blue economy developments on a scale that is socially and economically justifiable and ecologically sustainable.
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Our research in Namibia seeks to learn from people who rely on the ocean, in order to understand the pressing challenges facing marine ecosystems and ensure that the blue economy supports sustainable ‘blue’ communities.
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The Hub researchers are exploring some of the deep-sea ecosystems in the South Atlantic, and connecting researchers working in this region, so that we can better understand their value and ensure sustainable use for generations to come.
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