Early-career researchers

Menka Vansant

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Small-scale fisheries, just energy transitions, ocean economic development, climate change, emerging technology and innovation

AFFILIATION: University of Cape Town (South Africa)


AREA OF EXPERTISE: I am an Early-Career Sociologist with research interest in ocean governance and coastal livelihoods. My research particularly focuses on analysing how existing political and economic conditions affect the management of the ocean and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

AFFILIATION: University of Cape Coast (Ghana)

holly niner

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Environmental governance, particularly relating to how norms and knowledge influence policy and practice. Transdisciplinary research practice.

AFFILIATION: University of Plymouth (UK)

Milica Prokic

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Environmental History, Yugoslavia, Island Studies, Carceral Studies

AFFILIATION: One Ocean Hub, University of Strathclyde

Aphiwe Moshani

AREA OF EXPERTISE: My area of expertise lies within ocean governance and coastal livelihoods, with a main focus on understanding conflicts and inequalities within the Blue Economy. A central part of what I hope my work continues is informing the Blue Justice movements in marginalised African coastal communities.

AFFILIATION: University of Cape Town (South Africa), University of Strathclyde law school (UK) and United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Loyiso Dunga

AREA OF EXPERTISE: I am a marine biologist by training, a conservationist at heart. My work places me in the nexus of science-policy-society, where the hope is to build bridges that bring everyone together in order to co-develop strategies to safeguard our marine heritage.

AFFILIATION: I am currently an Executive Director for the Seas of Good Hope World Heritage Nomination project (South Africa). To carry out this legacy project my affiliation is Parley for the Oceans and the South African National Biodiversity Institute. I am a IUCN Red List Authority Coordinator and I am also an Edinburgh Ocean Leader (UK).

Sulley Ibrahim

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Governance and development specialist, with interests in analysing issues at the intersection of the structured relations between local and national governments in relation to the distributed problems of blue economy, sustainable development, social exclusion, gender inclusion, climate change, child rights, child labour, human rights, cultural rights, customary law, fishery governance.

AFFILIATION: Lecturer, Institute of Local Government Studies, Accra (Ghana)

Kelly Hoareau

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Working in environmental, sustainability, education and leadership roles, with first-hand experience of working in Africa and with various small island developing states and coastal nations, across marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

AFFILIATION: Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre; Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies; Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania, Hobart (Australia). James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute and Island Biodiversity Conservation centre, University of Seychelles (Seychelles)

Lysa Wini

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Lysa collaborates with Indigenous communities in the Solomon Islands, focusing on incorporating Indigenous knowledge into decision-making processes. She is using interdisciplinary approach to examine how working colonial maritime legacies shape the present issues in ocean governance.

AFFILIATION: One Ocean Hub / University of Strathclyde (UK) and Niatero Foundation (US)


Mitchell Lennan

AREA OF EXPERTISE: International Law, especially law and the marine environment in the face of climate change.

AFFILIATION: University of Aberdeen (UK)

Anthea Christoffels-Du Plessis

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Anthea’s research focus is on the place of customary fishing rights in South African fisheries law.

AFFILIATION: Nelson Mandela Faculty of Law in Gqeberha (South Africa)

Jazz Conway  

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Microbiology/ Natural Product Discovery

AFFILIATION: University of Plymouth (UK)

Taryn Pereira

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Environmental Justice, Blue Justice, scholar-activism, environmental education, participatory ocean governance, ocean defenders, small-scale fisher rights

AFFILIATION: Coastal Justice Network, Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University (South Africa)



Nina Rivers

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Knowledge integration in ocean governance, environmental education and equitable people, places, and species engagement processes

AFFILIATION:  University of Strathclyde (UK) / Nelson Mandela University (South Africa)

Martha Ndilipune Jonas

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Understanding communities and how they interact with their environments, focusing on matters of concern in societies and theories applicable to that particular society such as gender, inclusivity, and social capital.

AFFILIATION: University of Namibia (Namibia)

David Wilson

AREA OF EXPERTISE: The history of colonialism, maritime activity, and marine governance, particularly surrounding fishing and piracy.

AFFILIATION: University of Strathclyde (UK)

Mia Strand

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Transdisciplinary and participatory research, equity in ocean governance, arts-based methods, marine cultural heritage, participatory community mapping.

AFFILIATION: Nelson Mandela University / Ocean Nexus Postdoctoral Research Fellow (South Africa)

Alex Claus Winkler

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Understanding fish biological interactions with their environment and how we as marine resource users influence this interaction and exploring how human recreational activities are affecting fish populations and how this can be effectively managed.

AFFILIATION: Rhodes University (South Africa)

Kirsty McQuaid

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Deep-sea benthic ecology, habitat mapping, spatial planning, and research capacity development.

AFFILIATION: University of Plymouth (UK)

Marly Muudeni Samuel

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Knowledge and Cultural Heritage Digitalisation, Augmented Reality, Community Engagement, Participatory Design

AFFILIATION: Glasgow School of Art (UK)


Elsemi Olwage

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Social Anthropology – ethnography and knowledge co-production, heritage and identity, land-ocean relations, place-making, migration and mobility, development studies, environmental humanities, legal anthropology, gender and human rights.

AFFILIATION: University of Namibia (Namibia)

Senia Febrica

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Understanding the interlinkages between security and development at sea and coastal regions in Southeast Asia.

AFFILIATION: University of Strathclyde (UK)