AREA OF EXPERTISE: I am an early-career researcher, sociologist with research interest in ocean governance and coastal livelihoods. My research particularly focuses on analysing how existing political and economic conditions affect the management of the ocean and the livelihoods of coastal communities.  

AFFILIATION: University of Cape Coast (Ghana)


My master’s thesis was a mixed methods work that sought to examine the livelihood implications of Chinese involvement in Ghana’s fisheries subsector. The study specifically focused on the benefits and vulnerabilities that local fishers in Ghana have been exposed to by virtue of Chinese industrial trawling activities, as well as the livelihood strategies fishers have adopted to cope with the vulnerabilities. Findings from this study have been presented in One Ocean Hub workshops in Ghana and the United Kingdom in contribution to efforts aimed at addressing challenges of sustainable fisheries. This research would be useful in informing policies and other initiatives for an effective regulation of Chinese industrial trawling activities in Ghana in a manner that ensures the sustainability of Ghana’s fisheries resources and the livelihoods of coastal communities.

Recent publication

Five papers from this work are currently at the writing stage for further submission to journals.

Artwork: Margherita Brunori Photos: Nessim Stevenson