Kelly Hoareau

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Kelly Hoareau has experience working in environmental, sustainability, education and leadership roles, with first-hand experience of working in Africa and with various small island developing states and coastal nations, across marine and terrestrial ecosystems. She is currently working full time on her PhD at the University of Tasmania. Her PhD explores the role that knowledge systems play in supporting a more sustainable blue economy.

AFFILIATION: Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre; Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies; Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania, Hobart (Australia). James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute and Island Biodiversity Conservation centre, University of Seychelles (Seychelles)


Using experience gained through collaboration with the One Ocean Hub and working in Africa and with Small Island Developing States, Kelly’s research aims to highlight the relationship between the blue economy and local knowledge systems to empower cross-sectoral engagement and collaboration that advances sustainability. The research will determine which aspects of the local knowledge system support (or are a barrier to) empowered decision-making, adaptive management and effective policy development. This work will emphasize key components that are vital for innovative knowledge coproduction in countries aiming to advance a more sustainable blue economy.

Making waves

Kelly facilitated the reoffering of the popular Blue Economy: Sustainability Innovation and Our Ocean Massive Open Online Course in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning and the University of Seychelles James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute in September 2023 that she had previously developed with support from the One Ocean Hub. The course was updated and held for a second time. The course featured key knowledge products developed by the One Ocean Hub to support tangible and innovative examples to support student learning.

Recent publication

Hub Policy Brief: Mutual learning through capacity building on marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction – read here >>

The blue economy: Who knows what? – read here >>

Artwork: Margherita Brunori