Fishers’ songs from Ghana to Glasgow – A documentary film ‘Cocooned in Harmony’ screens at the Centre for Contemporary Arts

Screenshot from Cocooned in Harmony

Cocooned in Harmony: Power, Agency and Multiple Realities in the Songs of Indigenous Ghanaian Seine Fisherfolk” or “Cocooned in Harmony” for short will be screened at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow 19 April 2023 at 2pm. The screening is followed by a Q&A with researcher Eric Debrah Otchere (University of Cape Coast, Ghana) who directed the film. The screening is free and open to anyone to join and no pre-registration is required.

The film shows how Ghanaian artisanal fishers’ songs illuminate their identity, power/inequality and gender issues, as well as emotional connections to the ocean, creating space for their (often side-lined) voice.

“The fishers do not just work along the shores of the ocean; they also live there. The ocean offers them a means of transport from one community to another, sometimes beyond the boundaries of Ghana and even beyond the boundaries of the physical world. The ocean is simply a symbol of peace and tranquillity in a rather chaotic and uncertain world” Eric describes.

  • Read more about the film in this blog post.
  • Cocooned in Harmony is one of the One Ocean Hub’s Deep Fund projects.

The songs from the film are part of the Undercurrents exhibition at Reid Gallery (Glasgow School of Art) in April 2023. Read more about the exhibition here.