Barriers to Integrating Financial Inclusion for Coastal Small-Scale Fishermen into Namibian Fisheries Policies and Regulatory Frameworks

By Alex Kanyimba & Martha Jonas

“The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has been applauded intercontinentally for laying the groundwork to develop the Namibian fisheries sector since the dawn of the country’s independence in 1990. However, there are no financial inclusion policies for small scale artisanal fishermen. This paper aims to report on barriers to integrating financial inclusion for coastal small-scale fishermen into the Namibian fisheries policies and regulatory frameworks. This chapter reviews the understanding of financial inclusion, the elements of financial inclusion such bank inclusion and financial credit schemes breaks for the economically marginalized small-scale fishermen and access to fish markets for the small-scale fishermen. It provides a review of various international policies and regulatory frameworks that should guide financial inclusion of the small-scale fishermen. Among, the international policies, it is shown that the FAO guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security, the Sustainable Development Goals 14, target 14b and 17 have the potential to promote and strengthen financial inclusion for the small-scale fishermen. …”

Main photo: Lina Macanhe

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