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UKRI GCRF Global Interdisciplinary Research Hubs
Empatheatre performing Lalela uLwandle featured in UKRI GCRF Global Interdisciplinary Research Hub brochure for One Ocean Hub

“In 2019, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) launched an ambitious new approach to tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges by investing in 12 multinational interdisciplinary Research Hubs, the scale and scope of which are a first. These challenge-led Hubs are focused on finding solutions to acute challenges which have proved resistant to change in the past and cannot be solved by one single organisation, discipline or country alone. Success in development requires a depth of understanding that can only be achieved through equitable partnership and engagement of diverse stakeholders such as industrial sectors, civil society groups, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and governments. These 12 Hubs, funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund, do just that. Made up of diverse individuals and organisations with a breadth of knowledge and expertise, the Hubs are building a greater understanding of multiple issues and developing scalable and sustainable solutions at a local, national and international level. Community-voices are at the heart of all the Hubs, ensuring that the complexities of issues are explored through multiple perspectives, barriers to implementing interventions are understood and ultimately co-developed solutions are being developed and owned by the people they impact the most. The exciting work of the 12 Hubs is outlined in this booklet with examples of successes so far…”

One Ocean Hub is one of the 12 Hubs

Photo: Kelly Daniels