Cruise Report: One Ocean Hub Capacity Development Cruise

By Luther Adams, Kerry Sink, Loyiso Dunga, Sinothando Shibe et al.

“The One Ocean Hub Capacity Development Cruise aimed to build the offshore sampling capacity of emerging researchers from Southern Africa and develop the skills, relationships and multiple knowledge types to support developing ocean economies. The research cruise was designed to incorporate multiple disciplines in marine science to simultaneously collect complementing datasets to accomplish objectives across the fields of taxonomy, phylogeny, habitat, ecology, impacts, benefits and to support marine spatial planning for seafloor and pelagic habitats in the Eastern Cape. The cruise brought 10 emerging researchers together from five institutions, supported by three established scientists, building multi-disciplinary research relationships locally, using locally developed equipment aboard a local vessel and fostering a strong human capital and transformation agenda. The research cruise plan was co-developed for and by emerging researchers and led by an emerging researcher….”

Photo: Cruise Report: One Ocean Hub Capacity Development Cruise

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