Ensuring Mutual Supportiveness of the Paris Agreement with other Multilateral Environmental Agreements: A Focus on Ocean-Based Climate  Action

by Elisa Morgera and Mitchell Lennan

“Climate change is contributing to unprecedented biodiversity loss and is altering the physical and chemical makeup of the global ocean. This has severe consequences for climate regulation, ecological stability and human rights. This chapter aims to explore how and to what extent the Paris Agreement and other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) can be interpreted in a mutually supportive way, with a focus on marine biodiversity. The Chapter explores the argument that a mutually supportive interpretation of the Paris Agreement, international biodiversity law, the international law on the protection of the marine environment and international human rights law clarifies the content of states’ due diligence vis-à-vis the objectives of international climate change law. The Chapter concludes by outlining research priorities for future scholarship…”

Photo: Jeremy Bishop Unsplash

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  • Climate action
  • Life below water