infosheet 3: What is environmental justice: understandings from the global south

By Dylan McGarry, Kira Erwin & Elisa Morgera

“In 2021, a seminal publication by the UN Environment Programme relied on key concepts from environmental justice research to better identify and understand equity and sustainability issues in relation to ocean plastics. The study mainly relied on research carried out since the 1980s in the United States, where the term “environmental justice” was coined to refer to “growing allegations of environmental racism – the location of polluting facilities and industries in the areas inhabited by persons, groups, and peoples in vulnerable situations” but also “issues of exclusion, as persons, groups, and peoples in vulnerable situations are often not allowed to participate meaningfully in the leadership and composition of the environmental movement and related decision-making processes, and have restricted access to land and natural resources.”….”

Main artwork: Margherita Brunori