JOINT SUBMISSION: response to The Request for an Advisory Opinion from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on the Climate Emergency & Human Rights

Caribbean Environmental Law Unit of the Faculty of Law at Cave Hill, the One Ocean Hub, Renew TT, GNHRE Caribbean Region & the ILA Caribbean Branch – 18 December 2023 | Prepared by: Alana Malinde S.N. Lancaster, Britney G. Nurse, Elisa Morgera, Andrea Longo, Mitchell Lennan & Sanya Alleyne

“On January 9, 2023, Chile and Colombia made a joint Request to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to clarify the scope of State in response to the climate emergency in their individual and collective dimensions. The Request is a 14-page document which includes an introduction, a description of the effects of the climate emergency on human rights, a justification for having ‘Inter-American Standards’ which respond to the climate emergency, and six subsections of questions These subsections comprise twenty-one questions distributed across the following aspects: due diligence (five questions), right to life (two questions), children’s rights (two questions), procedural rights (two questions), environmental defenders (five questions), and common but differentiated responsibilities (five questions). All questions, explicitly and implicitly, seek clarification on how mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage relate to human rights obligations…”

Photo: Kelly Daniels

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