One Ocean Hub: Knowledge Integration Workshop Report

By Nina Rivers, Philile Mbatha, Rachel Holtby, Elisa Morgera, Jeremy Hills, Meredith Fernandes, Pippin Searle & Milica Prokic

“The overall purpose of the writing workshop was to integrate work across the Hub through high impact papers and proposals. Over the course of the week, Hub researchers (from the Universities of Cape Coast, Namibia, Nelson Mandela University, South Pacific, Strathclyde, West Indies and Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) collaborated on developing co-authored papers around high impact Hub themes: Transdisciplinarity; Culture and art; Socio-legal aspects of Small Scale Fishers; Climate vulnerability and National Blue Economy policies. The key aim was for participants to think about how their papers integrate lessons and knowledge from other disciplines, work packages and Hub countries. Most days were set aside for paper development but on Thursday 8 February, country groups (Ghana, South Africa and Namibia) developed high-level theories of change according to legacy themes co-identified out of each country around Climate Change & Heritage; Fisheries: Culture and Legal (see Appendix 2 for detailed legacy themes for each country). The aim of developing these high-level theories of change is to assess the potential of these being developed further into funding proposals. “

Photo: Nina Rivers et al.

Related SDGs:

  • Climate action
  • Life below water