policy brief: Climate adaptation for fisheries in South Africa

By Hyder K., Sowman, M., Cink, K, Fernandes, M., Gammage, L., Ortega Cisneros, K., Mbatha, P., Potts, W., Rivers, N., Sauer, W., Shannon, L., Snow, B., Townhill, B.L., van Maltitz, G., Pinnegar, J.K

“South Africa has a strong commitment to adapt to climate change both through international agreements and national legislation. The Climate Change Bill (B9 – 2022) has recently been passed by Parliament and is progressing towards assent. This Bill aims to provide a coordinated response to climate change, strengthen resilience, mainstream adaptation, con-tribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, transition to-wards a low carbon economy, deliver international commitments, and preserve the planet. Once promulgated, this Act binds all organs of state and prevails over other legislation where there is conflict. Other instruments to support climate adaptation include the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (2020), Sectoral Adaptation Response Plans that should include fisheries, as well as local climate…”