policy brief: Ghanaian Artisanal Fisheries: Adapting to Climate Change

By: Harrod, O.L., Bell, J., Townhill, B.L., Nyarko, B.K., Tsidi, W., Acheampong, E. & Engelhard, G.H

 “In Ghana, many changes relevant to fisheries are being seen that can be linked with climate change. Changes in abundance, size, and distribution of many different fish stocks are being reported by fisherfolk and fisheries managers in Ghana, and weather patterns are changing. This is important, because Ghana’s predominantly artisanal fisheries are considered to have high climate vulnerability due to their exposure to climate hazards, with stocks that are already under high fishing pressure. In addition, coastal communities are highly dependent on fisheries resources for food security. Is there potential to reduce this vulnerability in Ghana, and make fisheries more ‘climate-smart’?…”

Related SDGs:

  • Climate action
  • Life below water