the deep sea and me

By Kelsey Archer Barnhill

“In this perspective, I reflect on my path to the deep sea, a field, and ecosystem that are often hard to access. Growing up in a coastal town, the seashore was my playground, but it was not until I was 18 years old that I was inspired to be a deep-sea scientist. From a Bachelor of Arts in the United States to a Master of Science in Norway and currently a PhD programme in Scotland, I have let the deep sea lead my career path with the help of supportive mentors and peers. Now, as an early career scientist with over 100 d of at-sea experience working on science, mapping, and outreach teams, I highlight the key moments that allowed me to enter the field. Looking to Horizon 2050, I share my goals for the future of deep-sea science. I hope to see a new age of ocean exploration with an increased commitment to advancing technologies, a more diverse, inclusive, and international team offshore and onshore, and a more engaged public through placing a larger focus on the deep sea in educational curricula….”