‘Transformative ocean governance’

In Elgar Encyclopedia of Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity, By Jeremy Hills and Payal Maharaj

“Transformative ocean governance paves the way for better coordination and management of marine resources and faculties. An innovative and important way of bringing about transformation is through transdisciplinarity, which encourages co-development, co-planning, holism and integration of knowledge. A framework was developed which could identify transdisciplinary design features of ocean sustainable development projects. This framework was termed as the 4P (Product, Process, Policy, and People) framework. Most research can be broadly classified into Mode 1 (exclusive and classic) and Mode 2 (inclusive and transdisciplinary); a total of 68 indicators from the two Modes were used to construct the framework. The 4P framework assessed the transdisciplinary features in five multi-country development-funded ocean-related projects recently completed in Fiji and the Solomon Islands. This transdisciplinary 4P framework allows identification of design features of ocean projects which can be built into future project investments, concluding that real world ocean-development projects which are designed around Mode 2 characteristics had an increased likelihood of transdisciplinary outcomes…”