Event: Shaping the Future of Ocean Research at University of Strathclyde

One Ocean Hub is entering its fifth and final year. We are therefore embarking on an exciting planning process for legacy strategies and solutions with our partners, interested individuals and organisations over the coming months. As part of the legacy planning process the Hub is organising an event Shaping the Future of Ocean Research at University of Strathclyde on Tuesday, 2 May 2023, at 9:30 – 17:30 (BST). 

The event aims to showcase and share learnings from the One Ocean Hub – from research to innovative methodologies and inspiring partnerships. The event further aims to engage University of Strathclyde staff and students, Hub’s partner organisations, potential funders, and other interested organisations and people to co-develop the future together for ocean research.  

See the full event info (concept note and agenda) here

This full day event will be run in two parts.  

Part 1 (morning at 09.30 am – 11.45 am BST). Teaching & Learning Building, University of Strathclyde. Please register here.

Part 1 is organised as part of the Engage with Strathclyde event. A short film that showcases the Hub’s research will be screened. Attendees will then be introduced to the One Ocean Hub’s research through a brief presentation by one of the members of the Hub team, followed by an open Q&A discussion. A parallel art exhibit to the public will also be part of the Hub’s morning event. The exhibit will demonstrate the Hub’s commitment and approach to promote inter-and-transdisciplinarity in research, working with experts from different disciplines and stakeholders across:

  1. marine science research;
  2. arts and participatory community-based research;
  3. legal research on the relevance of natural and social science findings for human rights protection, and
  4. One Ocean Learn, an online platform which aims to support global capacity building by translating ocean knowledge into action-oriented learning for activists, communities, development practitioners, policymakers, and researchers on the ways in which global, national and local communities depend on and relate to the ocean, coastal areas, and marine life.
Part 2 (afternoon at 13.00 – 17.30 BST). Graham Hills Building, Room GH542, University of Strathclyde. Please register here.

Invited colleagues from across Strathclyde and partner organisations will participate in an exercise to identify new and novel areas of ocean research and research for sustainable development with a view to co-developing one or more joint research proposals. Different thematic areas will be workshopped to explore the co-creation of future areas of ocean research and co-development of collaborative research proposals around the following proposed themes:

  1. Women, children, and the ocean
  2. Ocean, human health, and blue society (economy, financing)
  3. Integrated and dynamic ocean, climate, and biodiversity management (Deep-Sea, Land-Sea, management tools/processes) including ocean protection 30×30)
  4. Transformative research for sustainable development (arts-based approaches, human rights-based approaches, bio-cultural heritage)
  5. Sustainable ocean, communication, ocean literacy and awareness & One Ocean Learn
  6. Emerging issues: Maritime security and insecurity