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“We are the sea….we must wake up this ancient truth” (Epeli Hau’ofa)

Within the vastness of the Pacific Ocean lies a “sea of islands”. These islands are rich in a diversity of cultures each fundamentally shaped by the interaction between people and the sea that surrounds and connects the many islands of this region. For the oceanic people of this region, the sea is home.

But with such a rich ocean scape, the South Pacific Region is the focus of many ocean initiatives and programmes. Initial work of the One Ocean Hub in the region consists of a contextual analysis placing the Hub research within this space and rooting it in Pacific legitimacy.

This ground work (Work Package zero) represents a sequential analysis to identify target research areas within the Pacific Islands of Fiji and Solomon Islands. The identified research areas will be focused around relevant articulations of development issues located within Fiji and Solomon Islands and will be validated to ensure that transdisciplinary research with Pacific legitimacy can lead to benefits for communities reliant on the ocean and those empowered to safeguard it.

the Pacific Ocean covers more area than all land masses in the world combined

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make up Fiji
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USP OOH Team involved in the Pacific Ocean Alliance meeting, Suva, Fiji, 1-4 October 2019

Team Members

Derrick Armstrong Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Derrick Armstrong

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation & International, USP
Jeremy Hills Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Jeremy Hills

Professor, Research, Innovation & International, USP
Gilianne Brodie Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Gilianne Brodie

Associate Professor, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
Ann Cheryl Armstrong Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Ann Cheryl Armstrong

Associate Professor, School of Education
Katy Soapi Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Katy Soapi

Manager, Institute of Applied Sciences, USP
Morgan Wairiu Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Morgan Wairiu

Acting Director, Pacific Centre for Environment & Sustainable Development (PaCE-SD), USP
Matthew Allen Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Matthew Allen

Professor, School of Governance & Development Studies, USP
Pierre-Jean Bordahandy Pacific Islands One Ocean Hub

Pierre-Jean Bordahandy

Associate Professor, School of Law, USP

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