Navigating the future

On 24 October 2022, Dr Lynne Shannon (University of Cape Town, South Africa) gave an invited talk during the “6th Navigating the Future” workshop of the European Marine Board (see here). The workshop utilised a holistic perspective to highlight the science needed to achieve a broad societal understanding of the links between the ocean, the global earth system, society, and public policy. It aimed to show that knowledge about the ocean can take a central role in planning for a sustainable future.

Dr Lynne Shannon’s talk on the Ocean and Biodiversity spotlighted the One Ocean Hub as a key example of an ocean research initiative that builds connections between disciplines in achieving global biodiversity targets. This is by virtue of One Ocean Hub’s transdisciplinary approach to knowledge co-production for sustainable ocean action (see also here, here and here). The European Marine Board later convened an expert group to write a foresight document on the marine science needed in the next 5 years – the “Navigating the Future Series,” which is expected to be published in 2024. 

Lynne Shannon