New Network of Deep-water Researchers aims to build Africa’s capacity for deep-water research

We have launched a new partnership to respond to the disparity in deep-sea research capabilities between the Global North and South. Established in 2023 under the UN Decade of Ocean Science-endorsed Challenger 150 Programme and led by Hub early-career researcher Dr Kirsty McQuaid, the African Network of Deep-water Researchers aims to connect researchers, skills, infrastructure and resources within Africa, and with a global community of deep-water researchers, to build on the continent’s capacity for deep-water research in support of sustainable development. 

Open to African nationals globally and individuals in African institutions, the Network encompasses all disciplines related to deep-water (beyond 30m depth, excluding scuba diving) and is open to all sectors. To date, the Network comprises over 250 members from 27 African nations, representing over 140 institutions. 76% of members are self-identified Early Career Researchers (<10 years professional experience, following the global UN ECOP Programme). 

Although still in a development phase, key activities are anticipated to emphasize training, project development, knowledge exchange, and research initiatives. As a first step, the Network initiated a workshop series identifying practical actions to advance deep-water research and establish a framework for future activities. Watch this space for the report release early 2024! 

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