Youth Digital Art and the Ocean

By Milica Prokic

A new art exhibition has been added to the knowledge-translation platform One Ocean Learn, showcasing youth digital art that explores anthropogenic threats to the ocean. The selection of  artworks by young people presented here were collated as part of the Go Deep Creative Challenge arts project organised by The Oxygen Project, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and Peace Boat. The selected artworks highlight the urgent ecological concerns around deep-sea mining and plastic pollution.

Installation about plastic pollution by artist and creative Artwork: donated by Ben Vonwong, as part of the ‘Action for the Oceans’ program for the UN Ocean Decade.

The Go Deep Creative Challenge project was launched against the backdrop of the late 2022 International Seabed Authority negotiations towards allowing commercial mining in the deep-seabed despite increasing scientific evidence that deep-seabed mining would cause irreparable harm to the ocean, biodiversity and the ocean-dependent communities alike. These works represent an important contribution to the conversation, alongside pieces from an international digital exhibition curated by Peace Boat United States (US) featuring Augmented Reality (AR) interactive artwork created for the UN Ocean Decade, to raise awareness of the threats to our ocean including ocean plastics.

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance said:

‘We believe that art can change the world. When words fail, art has the power to transcend verbal communication. Art can give a voice and intensity to some of the most troubling issues humanity faces…. All the five artworks from #GoDeepCreativeChallenge! highlight that it is more important than ever to take action and stand together to protect “the common heritage of mankind”, which the International Seabed Authority is mandated to look after, for generations to come.’

Read more about the exhibition here >>

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