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Towards transdisciplinarity – which route to take?

All the GCRF Hubs represent a test of the hypothesis that intractable problems can be resolved by combining varied, relevant expertise.

Focus on: South Africa

In this series we introduce some of the recent developments made in different countries. This month we bring you news from South Africa.

Q&A with One Ocean Hub Researcher: Dr Jackie Sunde

I grew up spending a great deal of time along the Eastern coast of South Africa...

Creative solutions: How we quickly moved UN World Oceans Day Presentations online

When the immensity of Covid-19, and its scrambling of all plans, started to sink in, we had to think quickly and creatively about how we might continue to share...

Symbiotic Seafarers: Emerging stories from the Transformative Governance, Ocean Heritages and Blue Economy Ocean Hub research teams

“We need to have a deep historical awareness of the processes through which Indigenous peoples have been dispossessed of their rights through colonial processes."

Marine Biodiversity: An Underappreciated Foundation for Human Rights

As the world now grapples with one of the gravest challenges to human health in recent decades, we are offered up yet another stark reminder of our existential need for and reliance on biodiversity.

Biodiscovery: Exploring the Science-Policy Interface in the One Ocean Hub

A new analysis on the Ocean Genome was recently released.

Transformed and Transformative Ocean Governance

The Transformed and Transformative Ocean Governance Conference took place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from 22 to 24 January 2020.


The Hub currently invites proposals to the second round of the DEEP Fund.